Dania Beach Hotel

Dania Beach Hotel

“…Located in the health-giving southeast coast… Situated along the Boulevard to the Beach in a beautiful three acre Park of Tropical Palms, Shrubbery, Flowers and Fruits… Surf Bathing… Boating… Fishing… Golfing… Shuffle-Board and other Sports for your entertainment and happiness… All outside rooms with private bath or shower… Rates $2.50 up.” Oh, and it was also AAA approved.

This “Genuine Curteich Chicago ‘C.T. Photo-Colorit’ Post Card” is in pristine condition. The production number of 8A-H2121 indicates that it was manufactured in 1938, and the stampbox asks you to “place one cent stamp here.” I spotted this card on eBay in early 2003, and bought it because it’s such a beautiful card, and because the subject was within driving distance of my home at the time. I paid $1.50.

Here’s the Dania Beach Hotel today, still in operation (so far as I know), looking a little worse for wear, and doubtless charging more than $2.50 for a room:

Dania Beach Hotel (Today)

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