From One Horse’s Ass to Another

From One Horse's Ass to Another

From Great-Grandpa’s collection. “Bud” writes from Augusta, Michigan that he’s “having a swell time.” The penny stamp is postmarked June 29, 1949 at 1 P.M. The image is marked as ©1948 L.L. Cook Co., with a production number of L.C.-1. I wonder if there was an L.C.-2.

"Having a Swell Time"

Great-Grandpa probably enjoyed receiving this. My cousin, John Hodinka (actually, my first cousin twice removed, to whom Great-Grandpa was “Uncle Phil”) says that Phil was pretty ornery. I mostly remember Phil as an old man who carried around his pocket change in a coin purse, and took me to Woolworth’s to buy Matchbox cars.

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