Greetings from Down South in the Land of Cotton

Greetings from Down South in the Land of Cotton

This is card number S-66168, published by Dexter Press of West Nyack, NY. My friend James, who grew up in South Carolina about 15 miles from where this card was sent, says that it was just this way — except that these guys are having a hard time of it. Usually, James says, the plants were taller, and you didn’t have to bend so much to get the cotton.

This card was for Great-Grandma and postmarked September 27, 1962, which would have been not too long after she and Great-Grandpa left their home near Vanderbilt, PA to move in with my grandparents. Her friend Daisy Boyd writes from Greenwood, SC: “Dear Mrs. Smith & all, am here with Homer’s folks away down in South. Hope your (sic) well & all. Write me here. Sincerely, Daisy M. Boyd.” I wonder when people figured out that they didn’t have to turn the card 90 degrees to write their message.

A Personal Note to Great-Grandma

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