Greetings from Nebraska: The Cornhusker State!

Nebraska: The Cornhusker State!

This card has it right: A never-ending flat plain, delineated only by Interstate 80. As the back of the card tells us, “Nebraska lives by its extensive sea of grain — principally corn, wheat and rye. More varieties of grass grow in Nebraska than any other state. Beef cattle and hog production are major contributors to the economy of the state. Nebraskans take unusual pride in their football teams, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers have been consistently among the nation’s top college teams for many years.” Again, dead on: football is venerated there, far more so than in any other community I’ve ever seen.

This card was sent off to Aunt Brenda by my mom, who came to visit me with the rest of the family in 1987 while I was stationed at HQ Strategic Air Command at Offutt Air Force Base. She writes: “Hi, Made it here. Car over-heated in Iowa (in fact, they had left it there to be worked on and had gotten a rental to finish the trip to Omaha). Chris is fine. Went riding in his friend’s ’63 Buick convertible. See ya soon.”

A note from Mom to Aunt Brenda

It seems that, as a postcard collector, Aunt Brenda was the central point of communication; the cards would go to her and she would pass on the message to whoever was waiting for it.


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