King Cole Hotel

King Cole Hotel / Miami Heart Institute

According to this card, “The King Cole Hotel, resplendent in its setting of six acres of palm grove grandeur, has the relaxing atmosphere of an exclusive country club, still it is right in the heart of Miami Beach.” Here’s the kicker: in red capital letters under this description is the added notation, “Now Miami Heart Institute.” Makes sense to me. Why lie in a hospital bed in Cedars-Sinai after that heart attack, when you can go the fancy-schmancy hospital in Miami?

Even better is the message on the card. This was sent off to The Price is Right in 1957 as a viewer entry to a Travel Showcase contest.

All this can be yours... if The Price is Right

As I recall, I got this card among a medium-sized lot of cards in a junk shop in Florida. How did the card get back to Florida? Did Bob Barker send his minions to inform Mrs. Sherman that she won the prize? If not, how did the card get into the marketplace? Are Regis and Kelly making a quick buck selling the cards that my wife sends in to them?


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  1. Mary Kleiss says:

    Hi: In the ’40’s the Army took over the King Cole Hotel. I was 5 or 6 when dad was stationed there. Still have a photo of my sister and I taken at Burdines in 1947. Wondered what it looked like, I only remember palm trees, thank you, Mary Kleiss

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