Lake Louise

Real Photo Postcard of Lake Louise by Byron Harmon

Byron Harmon left Tacoma, Washington in 1903 to photograph mountains and, realizing that there were no photography studios in the Canadian Rockies, settled in Banff, Alberta. The surviving collection of photos numbers over 6,000.

On this card, barely visible near the bottom center, is the legend “Lake Louise. 118.”, scratched into the negative by the photographer. An identical real photo postcard with a more visible legend can be seen in Toni McLaughlin’s collection of Harmon RPPCs (look for #118). Toni also has images of a dozen white border postcards of Harmon’s published in the early 1920’s, the first of which is Lake Louise taken from an ever so slightly different angle.

Back of Lake Louise RPPC

The back of the card reads “Along the Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Photographed and Copyrighted by Byron Harmon, Banff, Canada.”

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Chris, I would just like to ask you to make a correction on this page… the links you have to “Rod Land’s Harmon Postcards” are not Rod Land’s. Rod is my brother and while he’s a fabulous photographer (I write a website for him) I am the postcard collector and webmaster in the family. The Byron Harmon postcards you are linked to above are a my personal collection and a part of my website “Soultones”. You can view my entire collection of postcards by visiting this link.

  2. So noted, and corrected in the original post. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Andrew says:

    @ Toni McLaughlin – you don’t have an email address evident on your Soultones website, but this is in regard to the Vintage Postcards, 20 views of New York City, likely published in the 1940s. The page has only 18 views, missing 5th Ave and Rockefeller Center, and the Public Library on 5th and 42nd. I was doing a simple Google search and found your page because I got a similar set from my grandparents and just wanted to find some more info on them. It has different text on the outside mailer compared to the one you show on your page. Just trying to contact you in case you wanted scans of the missing images from your set, or if you have those but just didn’t put them up.

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