Motel Alouette

Motel Alouette, Drummondville, Quebec

Twenty-six units (unités), air conditioned (climatisé), licensed TV (licencié), and a dining room (salle à manger), it’s no wonder that my grandparents couldn’t resist staying here. Judging from the notes on the back, Grandma picked up this deckled card at the motel and used it to calculate mileage on their trip (presumably) to the Montreal Expo, year undetermined. (I remember seeing some ancient souvenirs as a child, so it must be so.)

Carte Postale du Motel Alouette

It looks like she was backtracking, as the stop at the motel was last on her list. There are a number of confusing things about her entries:

  • For August 7, she writes “M.H. to Longueuil (Quebec), 330”, which is just outside of Montreal. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing that’s 330 miles away that would have been of interest. At first I thought she might have meant “my house”, but her house in South Jersey was about 450 miles away — and it doesn’t make sense that my grandfather would drive 120 miles and then stop for the day. They might have stopped to visit some of his relatives in North Jersey, but they would still have been more than 330 miles from Longueuil — and I can’t think of anyone whose initials were M.H., nor do I see any towns on the map that might fit.
  • On August 8, they were at the Expo.
  • For August 9, she writes, “To Quebec, 174”. Odd, considering that they were already in Quebec. Perhaps sightseeing?
  • At last, they arrive in Drummondville on the 10th, some 159 miles later. Not sure what was worth seeing here.

Unfortunately, it’s a mystery without a solution, as neither of them are around to ask.

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