Gulf Beach Hotel

Gulf Beach Hotel

The Gulf Beach Hotel, “on beautiful Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida.” With all that wonderful scenery, let’s take a picture instead of the inside of the motor court and our dark, industrial walkway — it’s worth it just to get a snap of that kid’s Hawaiian shirt. “Modern, luxurious Air-Conditioned Motor Court on the Gulf of Mexico, offering wide choice of accommodations for a glorious Florida vacation — 100,000 square feet of breath-taking lawn and beachfront playground with private swimming area, roomside parking and maid service. 50 units, each with private tile bath. 22 kitchenette apts. Air-Conditioned Lounge. Continental breakfast included. Recommended by AAA and Quality Courts United.”

“Florence” sent this back home to Mrs. W.W. Twitchell in Massachusetts, on behalf of herself and Lucy, on March 12, 1954: “Hi. I have been looking for a little sun & no one. I think we will start home April 5 if it is good weather up there.” And if it isn’t, well, we’ll consider coming home after the first hurricane comes through. Were Florence and Lucy sisters with a trust fund? A mother and daughter living off alimony from a faithless husband, or perhaps a widow’s pension from a husband who fought and died in Korea (thus, “looking for no one”)? It would be interesting to know.

Florence and Lucy are fine.

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