It’s a Small World After All

Must.. get.. song... out of head...

Here’s a card that was sent to my Aunt Brenda. The postmark is obscured, but it appears that it was postmarked on February 21, 1981. Her friend Selma writes, on February 19: “This has been some vacation — Got strep throat and felt really bad. Visited here today and start home tomorrow.”

Postcard from the vacation from Hell

Selma may have in fact started back on the 20th; it was mailed from Waycross, Georgia and it may have sat in a mailbox overnight. What’s odd is that going through Waycross means that she was going up US 1, rather than Interstate 95, which would be a roundabout way of getting back to New Jersey. From what I can tell, I-95 was pretty much completed in Florida by this time.


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  1. kim says:

    FYI….”Selma” is Selma Perry, a longtime friend of Aunt Brenda’s through First United Methodist Church….how ironic that she spent a vacation in hell, eh?

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