Mt. Vee Motel

Not too bad, as motels go

Here’s a card from my grandfather’s sister, Helen Henderson, mailed September 1, 1981. She writes: “Stayed here 2 nights. Was in D.C. park & saw Pandas. (Pandas? In the park? — Ed.) Thanks again for what you did for me.” I have no idea what that might have been, although if I remember correctly, her son Johnny died around 1980, too young, from a heart attack; maybe my grandparents helped her with expenses.

Thanks, from Aunt Helen

Alas, the Mt. Vee Motel is no more; the Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation paved the way (so to speak) for it to be demolished around 1998-99. In its place, an outfit called Ryan Homes squeezed 150 townhomes, 38 single family homes, and an assisted care facility onto the former motel site. No urban sprawl here!

On a side note, while checking up on whether or not the motel was still standing, I found some yutz who wants $10 for an unused, somewhat edgeworn copy of this postcard. Realistically, it might be worth a buck to somebody. Oh, and another $2 to ship it to you. I’m in the wrong business.

Visiting Aunt Helen in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 1955

Just for fun, here’s Aunt Helen (far right) with my grandparents during a visit to Helen and her family in 1955. Johnny and my grandfather are clowning, as usual. The little girl on the left is my mother.


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  1. jim biggins says:

    Nice post card, I stayed here in high school many nights. I’d love to purchase this !

    Thanks !


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