The Seagram Tower, Niagara Falls, Canada

Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch...

A Curt Teich card (number 2DK-1520), published in 1962; it was actually made in the USA and distributed by an outfit in Buffalo, NY. “One of the world’s most spectacular observation points, the tower stands 670 feet above the base of the Niagara River and gives an unsurpassed view of both the American and Canadian Falls as well as a breathtaking 5,000 square mile panorama of the entire area. The seven-story crown building offers both open and glass enclosed observation decks plus several outstanding restaurants.”

The varnish on the front of this unused card has yellowed quite a bit over the years; the (unvarnished) back of the card is still pretty close to the original white. Not visible on the scan and only barely visible on the original is the fact that the varnish has cracked along most of its surface, resembling fine wood grains that run in various directions.

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  1. John Atwood says:

    I had (but misplaced) this post card. I visited in February 1962, when the river was frozen and the falls were only partially visible due to the water vapor rising. A beautiful sight! It was the Seagram Tower back then and pretty much stood alone on the horizon.

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