St. Francis Hotel

St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco

An interesting feature of this card is that the image on the front is off-center. Prior to 1907, when it was illegal to write anything but the destination address on the back of the card, publishers often left white space on the front to allow a message to be written. But this card was posted in 1955, and was probably published around the same time.

The really interesting feature, however, is the message. Our suitor, Donald, writes to one “Mademoiselle” Gail Bautam of Bloomingdale, New Jersey: “My deerest one: Say, you, my aunt Esther tole me youse have annodder feller, you fickle but booful girl. Now, I’m jest about thru wit youse, but i still love youse. Avec mon amour, Donald.” Doubtless they married and had silly children.

A message from Monsieur Debonair

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