Take Me

"Take me, I'm yours if you'll take me..."

This Continental-sized card was published in 1983 by Camden Graphics Ltd. of London. In it, we see the cover of the sheet music for “Take Me”, written in 1920, with words by Harry Edelheit, and music by Clarence Senna and Monte Carlo (which sounds like an obvious alias to me).

The original lyrics are basically about a one-night stand: “Promise me not a thing…. Take me, tho you may forsake me, who cares if you take me and love me tonight.” In other words, the singer is horny.

It was revived and recorded by several bands in the 1940s, most notably by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Frank Sinatra on vocals, in 1942. You can hear a snippet of it on iTunes but, unfortunately, the 30-second sample contains music only. But the lyrics were made much more wholesome for our broadcast audience: “But as long as I shall live, I’ll only live for you…. Take me, and never forsake me, my darling please take me, and make me your own.” I’m sure there were a few folks around then who remembered the original song, and got a chuckle over the changes.

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