Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls, 25 feet higher than Niagara

Toccoa Falls is located on the grounds of Toccoa Falls College, a Christian college just outside of — you guessed it — Toccoa, Georgia. Here is a view of the falls today:

Toccoa Falls at it appears today

Many of the trees in front of the falls no longer exist. Many of them were probably destroyed in a flash flood which occurred in 1977, caused by a dam failure upstream of the falls, and which killed 30 people.

Today, one must go through a visitors center in order to access the falls, for which the college charges a nominal fee. Across the street from the visitors center is a beach of sorts — a pond in which the students can swim. A sign near the pond reminds female students that two-piece bathing suits are prohibited. Lead us not into temptation.

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