All Have Sinned

Can you pick out the red and green lights?

This is an unvarnished card, probably circa 1960, from the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles. The church was probably most famous for its red neon “Jesus Saves” sign on the rooftop. According to the card, the church had a seating capacity of approximately 4,000.

Unfortunately, the church building was damaged irreparably by earthquakes, and had to be demolished in the late 1980s. The “Jesus Saves” sign was saved, however, and now sits atop the Los Angeles University Cathedral. The church is also still in existence, having moved to Glendora, California in 1985.

The card also mentions J. Vernon McGee as the teacher of a weekly “Downtown Bible Study Class”. Dr. McGee was the church’s pastor from 1949-1970. He also created “Thru the Bible”, a five-year-long series of radio programs which teaches the Bible, cover to cover, 30 minutes at a time. Though Dr. McGee passed away in 1988, the program can still be heard on over 100 radio stations in North America, and via podcast and shortwave.

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  1. Jim says:

    TTB.ORG is a place that will explain more about one of the most influential preachers, J. Vernon McGee. A Godly man, go there and check out some of his historic sermons. Don’t worry, he won’t hit you with a Bible.

    It’s really all about the Lord Jesus Christ, and what he did for you to save you. There is much to say, but hundreds witnessed Jesus after his resurrection, then he ascended into heaven. Can your religion show you any savior that literally rose from the dead?

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