Bridgton Boot & Shoe Co.

Postal card for Charles J. Walker & Co., Portland, Maine

This is almost certainly the oldest piece in my postcard collection, despite technically not being a postcard — it is a postal card, or “postal”, produced by the government. This particular card was written and postmarked October 27, 1880 — 128 years ago today. It is addressed to Charles J. Walker & Co. of Portland, Maine, and was sent from the Bridgton Boot & Shoe Co., Bridgton, Maine:

“Gents: Please send with yesterday’s order one Mens Rubber Coat medium size same as sample Mr. Whitney carries. Woonsocket or Goodyear Price 2.50 I think.” I guess they had a change of heart after Mr. Walker’s traveling salesman left. As I recall, I picked up this card in or near Bridgton in Cumberland County, Maine, in 1997.

From the Bridgton Boot & Shoe Co., October 27, 1880

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