Greetings from Atlantic City N.J.

Greetings from Atlantic City N.J.

“Famed throughout the world is Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. The Boardwalk overlooks the ocean and wide expanse of beach. There are eight miles lined with magnificent hotels, theatres and shops.” Now you know why the Boardwalk costs so much in Monopoly.

Unlike most large-letter cards, this one has a single scene of the Boardwalk, beach and ocean that spans all letters, instead of an individual scene in each letter. The card was published by Tichnor Bros. of Boston.

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  1. 5 March 2014

    […] And when the laid backness of a small town gets to be to much, you can head just a few miles away to Atlantic City. Go shopping. Play a few slots. Enjoy some nightlife. Maybe even see a celebrity or two. photo credit […]

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