Greetings from West Texas

My trip is indian fast!

While this looks like a photochrome postcard, it is in fact an actual photograph printed on photographic paper. It is definitely an oddity. The drawing is artist signed by Ken Holmes of Pecos, Texas; Ken marked the drawing as ©1941. The other inscription, that of Howard Studio, also of Pecos, may be Ken’s artist studio or the studio at which the drawing was photographed.

The stampbox, pictured at right (and which has undergone some enhancement, as the ink on the back is very faint) shows the letters “EKC”, meaning it was manufactured under a process by the Eastman Kodak Company. Ron Playle says that this stampbox was used on cards made from 1930-1950, which confirms that the card was manufactured contemporary with the drawing.

This card is from Kay Anthony’s collection. She had at least one correspondent in Texas, who may have mailed it to her inside of an envelope. The card is stiffer than the typical photo of today, but still has a very faint crease — which may also indicate that it was manhandled in the mail.

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