Transcontinental Dog Team

Hazelton, BC to Halifax, NS: Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Carroll, 1936-37

There are more than a few real photo postcards out there depicting Patrick J. “Paddy” Carroll, his wife Beatrice, and their sled dog team on their transcontinental trip, but this one has no postcard markings on the back — making it technically just a photo. My notes say that I paid ten cents for it in 1998.

It’s difficult to find concrete information on the Carrolls. Supposedly, it was Beatrice who raised and trained the dogs, and that their trip was financed, at least in part, through the sale of postcards like these. Also, Paddy is said to have written a small booklet of poems entitled Ditties of a Dog Musher, again using the proceeds towards the trip. It also appears that their trip was successful, and that they returned the same way the following year.

After the trip, the Carrolls are said to have settled in Granisle, British Columbia, where Paddy Carroll became a prospector and did quite well in the copper mine trade.

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3 Responses

  1. Theresa Beardwood says:

    Dear Chris,

    I treasure my only copy of “Ditties of a Dog Musher”,
    and would like to contact Paddy’s relatives in town.

    Would you know of anyone who lives in Prince George, B.C.?
    I used to live in Granisle and Paddy captured the feel of
    the Ominecas for me.

    Thank you,
    Theresa Beardwood

  2. What you read here represents the sum total of my knowledge of Paddy. I’m sorry I can’t help you further.

  3. Colleen Carroll says:

    Hi, I am the eldest Granddaughter of Patty and Sammy (Beatrice) Carroll. What do you want to know of them? Perhaps I can answer some of questions. I will tell you that my Grandparents never lived in Granisle, B.C. however they prospected the Granisle mine property and also had claims on the Bell Copper mine site, before Noranda came in and scooped them all up. Most interested in the post card you have. I have a couple copies of Grandfather’s book Ditties of a Dog Musher. Grandmother also wrote a lovely Childs Book called Paddy the Pack Rat. They died My Grandmother in November of 1983 of Cancer, and in Feb. of 1984 Grandfather died. They had a ranch up Carroll Road in Westeria B.C. on Richardson’s Lake at the time of their deaths. Let me know if the post card is for sale please, as I have not a copy of it. Much appreciated.

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