Vienna Traffic Cops

Ve haff vays of makink you pull over.

I love Captain Cool, center, and his squad of traffic goons in this RPPC from 1949. The back of the card doesn’t have any identifiable markings from the manufacturer, but someone was kind enough to make notes for me:

Yeah, we ride Harleys.

Unfortunately, the only German that I can translate from this is “Harley-Davidson”.

Lest you think that these aren’t enough cops to manage all of the traffic violators in Vienna, not to worry; their numbers would more than double by 1950:

Missing: the other photo where they all turn around to show that their leather pants are assless

This card has a little more detail on the back but, unfortunately, my limited ability to read German is further hindered by the antiquated handwriting:

To my sweetheart(?)

All that I can really make out from this is that it is addressed to “my sweetheart” (I think) and that it is dated Vienna, 12 November 1950. If you can clarify this for me, I would appreciate it.

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