Rose Garden, Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Conn.

Rose Garden, Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Connecticut

This Curt Teich “C. T. Art-Colortone” postcard (number 0B-H2159, manufactured in 1940) bears no description. However, according to the Friends of Elizabeth Park, this garden “is the oldest municipally operated rose garden in the country. It is a two and a half acre garden which has about 800 varieties of roses that amount to 15,000 plants.” The photograph on their website is taken from the same angle (albeit farther away), and things look pretty much unchanged.

This card was mailed from Waterbury, Connecticut on October 22, 1952, from one Sam Duncan to Mr. Joseph Bigley, in care of Mr. Messer at the Board of Transportation in Brooklyn, New York. Sam writes: “Hello, Joe: Being always mindful of my association with all you men and it being a delightful pleasure, I, at this time greet you all. Sincerely, Sam. Duncan.”

This message seems rather empty, maybe even glad-handing. My theory is that Sam was some politician or union boss who decided to drop a note from his house in the country out to shop steward Joe, in care of his boss back in Brooklyn. Tell the boys, Joe, that I’m thinking of you all, busting your humps back in the city, while I’m out here smelling the roses.

Hope you're not working too hard!

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