The Cameron

Cameron tartan and shield, oak badge, and Achnacarry Castle

“A clan famous for its martial exploits. Always loyal to the Stuart cause, and played an important part in the ’45. The Scottish regiment of Cameron highlanders was originally raised from this clan. Their badge is ‘Oak,’ and the head of the clan (is) Cameron of Lochiel, whose residence, Achnacarry Castle, is shown in the small picture. The famous ‘Pibroch of Donald Dhu’ is their battle march.” My wife is descended from this clan.

This Tuck’s Post Card, printed in England, is an “oilette”, a term used by them, according to The Encyclopedia of Antique Postcards,“to refer to a particular style of postcard production. The oilettes often looked like oil paintings, with noticeable brush stokes.”

And now, for your listening pleasure, the Pibroch of Donald Dhu:

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