Christmas Greetings

Forget the date? Use this handy calendar!

This embossed card of German manufacture was sent to Great-Grandpa Phil from one “Lila”; it was postmarked at Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1910 at 5 PM. As fast as the postmen used to be back then, I’m pretty sure that Phil didn’t receive this until the morning of December 26. In case you’re wondering, Lila is not my great-grandmother.

To my readers and fellow collectors: have a very merry Christmas!

Lila wishes you a merry Christmas too!

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4 Responses

  1. Lidija says:

    Draga moja zelim ti sretan rodjendan!

  2. REJOICE says:


  3. renu says:

    I Wish you A very happy Christmas.

  4. Светулик says:

    C Рождеством!

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