City Park, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Park Gradac, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

From what I can wheedle out of my online translator, this place is either called the Mihanovićeva Cesma City Garden or the Mihanović-Brunnen City Park. On today’s Google map, it’s just the Park Gradac — City Park.

It’s difficult to discern the exact origin of this card. While Croatian seems to be the predominant language on the card, the front also refers to the city by its Italian name of Ragusa. On the back, the largest notation is Dopisnica (Croatian for “Postal”), but it also says “Post Card” in German and Italian. The copyright notice — Déposé 1909 — is in French.

This card obviously started out as a hand-tinted black-and-white photograph. I was able to find two other versions of this postcard up for auction as of this writing.

Over at eBay Austria, I found a black-and-white version of the card, apparently postally used, year not stated, for €5 (about US $6.35, plus shipping):

City Park, Dubrovnik (Black-and-White) from

Meanwhile, at the Croatian auction site, I found a more vividly tinted version from 1916 for 40 HRK (40 Croatia Kuna, about US $7.15):

City Park, Dubrovnic (1916 Postcard)

You can see a modern photo of Dubrovnik from a similar vantage point at Panoramio.

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