A Joyful Christmas

A Joyful Christmas

This card was given to Great-Grandpa Phil by Ida M. Schobert on “Dec. 17 – 09”, which either means 99 years ago or one year from now, depending on whether or not this card can get up to 88 miles per hour. When I say “given”, I mean it was apparently hand-delivered, given the lack of address or stamp. The “stamp” in this case is a very highly embossed Santa Claus face, cut by hand from something else — perhaps even from another postcard. Ida clearly put some time and thought into this card, but no, she’s not my great-grandmother.

All of the items around the main picture are embossed, though the main picture is not. I’m not sure what the items in the upper left corner are supposed to represent. Any ideas?

Merry Christmas from Ida Schobert

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2 Responses

  1. Lay Hoon says:

    Another 7 days to Christmas !!

    Such a festive postcard. Hardly to find one of festive postcard in my country:(

  2. The embossing on the reverse looks like foliage to me. Mistletoe perhaps? Great card, and the decapitated Santa makes it one of a kind!

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