Leap Frog

"Leap Frog" by Bernhardt Wall

This card was sent from “James” in Dawson, Pennsylvania to Great-Grandpa Phil on December 4, 1907, or 101 years ago today. On the front of the card, James asks, “Do you like to go too (sic) school? We have lots of fun at school.” On the back, he continues: “Halloo Philip. I am well. How are you the kids are all well. Good bye. James.”

The illustration on this card is signed by the artist, Bernhardt Wall. (Click for other artist signed cards.) According to Jerry Kosanovich and Paul Hageman at their Propaganda Postcards of the Great War website, “Wall, born in 1872, was a Connecticut Yankee. He wintered in La Porte, Texas, his wife’s family home, for many years. (He) was mainly an etcher who illustrated many books…. During the First World War (he) designed a large number of patriotic/comic postcards.”

Halloo Philip!

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