Renée, on the Road to Paris

Renée, on the Road to Paris, Aix-les-Bains, July 1931. Photo by Jacques-Henri Lantigue.

I have received my first card from another Postcrossing enthusiast, but it wasn’t an “official” card, but rather an offsite round robin in which (in this case) five people get together and send cards to the other four. Alice in Minneapolis writes: “Isn’t she glorious! The rings are great but I can’t figure out the headgear! Is it sunglasses and a bad shadow, or something wrapped low on her nose?” It looks to me as though she’s wearing a hairnet, and has torn a hole in it to allow her to wear her sunglasses while wearing the net as low as possible. After all, a girl’s got to do something to stay beautiful if she’s going to ride 400 miles in a convertible.

This photo was taken by Jacques-Henri Lantigue, but the card is thoroughly modern and was published by Fotofolio.

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  1. kris says:

    She is beautiful. Looks like she’s ready for a swim. An underwater flapper, perhaps.

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