The Baby-Sitters Club

From the cover of Boy-Crazy Stacy

Postcards ExchangeIt doesn’t bother me that boy-crazy Stacy is gazing dreamily at our near-shirtless lifeguard-slash-medic with his perfect hair and chiseled pecs. What bothers me is the way that the medic is staring back. It’s creeping me right out. Is this what little girls read nowadays? Thank goodness my grandchildren are boys.

This is a “surprise” card from a Postcrossing round robin started by iBritt, who writes: “I have books tucked away everywhere!! They are taking all the space in my room. I guess that’s the price to pay for being a lit freak.” Tell me about it. Just wait, Britt, until the stacks of boxes of postcards start to rival the piles of books.

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2 Responses

  1. Hmmm… What’s even creepier is that not only did the artist deliberately draw them this way, but the editor and publisher approved it. I wonder what the author thought? We authors generally don’t get any say about the cover art, which can lead to some embarrassment. As for books taking over your living space, just surrender to the inevitable. Resistance is futile.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I see your point, but this book was really popular (and I mean REALLY) 20 years ago. Nobody thought anything of the way that lifeguard was staring at Stacy. I read this book many times, as I did with the rest of the The Baby – Sitter’s Club collection. I certianly never thought of it as creepy and I’m sure my mother didn’t either. I take the look the lifeguard has as caring and more concerned for the welfare of the child that he’s taking care of.
    If you read the book you’d know that Stacy was boy crazy, and the lifeguard blew her off! Harmless if you ask me!

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