If the shoe fits, take it sailing

Postcards ExchangeAmong the dozen items in my mailbox today (and thank you, senders, and please allow me some time to post your amazing items) was this card from the lovely Ineke, who writes: “On the card you’ll see the traditional dresses from Holland, but nobody wears them nowadays. The children are doing touwtje springen (rope jumping).” I like the Dutch language because, as a native English speaker, I can almost read it. My Babel fish says that “the cow jumped over the moon” translates to De koe die over de maan is gesprongen.

This card actually seems to be composed of two pieces: the matte black picture frame, if you will, with a photochrome print inside the embossed edge. Given that the card has no description, I suspect that the “frames” are sold with several different images.

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