Remembering Martin Luther King

"...where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

“Martin Luther King is an inspiration to the citizens of America. A national holiday is celebrated in his honor in January every year. Upper left — Crypt, lower left — Morehouse College, center — Statue, upper right — Memorial, lower right — Chapel.”

It’s interesting that this card, published by APS, extols us to “let freedom ring into the Nineties” — when you consider that I bought this card in Publix just last October. My friend James had once theorized that some of my older cards, not postally used until a decade or more after they were published, might have sat on a rack in a drug store for years. I guess he’s right.

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  1. Cool card, and very appropriate considering what’s happening tomorrow. Personally I think it should be called “Civil Rights Day”. I have a lot of respect for MLK, but it’s not like he changed the country all by himself, and the struggle is not over.

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