Alaskan Gold Digger

"...a tad larger than raisins."

“Gold panning is a livelihood for many Alaskans. It’s not uncommon to pan for nuggets the size of raisins.” This card arrived today from Kris, who hosts a blog describing his own postcard collection which, like mine, spans several generations over more than a century.  The card is oversized (about 5″ x 7″, suitable for framing), but arrived relatively unscathed nonetheless.

Kris also included a few interesting comments regarding the image, but one must bear in mind that, living in Alaska, Kris has never actually seen a woman up close before. Published by Off-The-Wall, Inc. Photo credit: Calvin Hall.

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2 Responses

  1. Muse Swings says:

    Your information about the card stock and printing is very interesting.They are much more than just a pretty picture! Happy PFF!

  2. That’s a neat old postcard. Happy Postcard Friday Friendship day! ♥ ∞

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