Anıtkabir, tomb of Atatürk, Ankara, Turkey

"Those from Beşiktaş are the best"

Anıtkabir (in Turkish it literally means “memorial tomb”) is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. Atatürk is still venerated there, much in the same way that George Washington was idolized during the first hundred years in the United States, almost as a god among men. I have stood on these steps.

The very cool thing about this card is that it came inside a package from Leslie, whom I met on Postcrossing, and her husband Hilmi.  I had casually mentioned that I had brought back from Turkey a Beşiktaş football club flag, but that I had lost it during Hurricane Andrew.  Hilmi, who is himself a fan of Beşiktaş, made it his personal mission to find me a replacement flag.

Although they did not find a new Beşiktaş flag, they came through with some Turkish swag for me that was even better!

Daniel and Mikey are very impressed.

Two of the neighbor boys were present when the mailman delivered the package and, being originally from Mexico and rabid soccer fans themselves, they were very impressed by the contents.  In addition to the Turkish flag (which will go in the parlor) and a very nifty week-by-week calendar from the Turkish General Staff (whom I would run into from time to time, back in the day), there is an excellent Beşiktaş scarf, which will find a home on the wall in my office.

Leslie writes: “Sürpriz! Umarim bu küçuk paket seni mutlu edecek (I hope this little package makes you happy).”  Bu beni çok mutlu yaptı. Size çok teşekkür ederim!

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