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The gift that keeps on giving

Lithuania Postage StampThis official Postcrossing card comes to me from Gabriele, and is a postcard designed to generate awareness about Lithuania’s national bone marrow donor campaign.  She was kind enough to translate the preprinted text on the back:

“You can change the world too. Give a life to a person who has blood cancer — be a medulla donor!”  This gave me a start.  At first I thought she wanted a piece of my brain; then I remembered that “medulla” is another name for bone marrow.  Thank goodness.

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2 Responses

  1. Postcardy says:

    I guess those are not supposed to be M&Ms, but what are they?

  2. I haven’t decided yet. They seem reminiscent of candies I have seen overseas that have an M&M-like chocolate shell over a mint center.

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