Ching-shei Cliff of Taroko National Park

Watch out for that first step

ching-shei-cliff-of-taroko-national-park-stampsGreta was kind enough to send me a postcard of this incredible image by Chao-Pang Hsu of Photographic Works of Taiwan.  Although the card lacks a description, Greta was kind enough to provide me with some excellent details and insights:

“Located in Hualien County in the eastern part of Taiwan, Ching-shei (or 清水, i.e. pellucid water) Cliff is one of the toppest (sic) views in this country. With the average height of 800m and bording (sic) the Pacific Ocean for about 21 mi. long at almost (a) 90 degree angle, this majestic scenery always amazes people. But driving along the coastal road could be hair-raising! Winding, narrow, and lampless!”  I think that Greta has a future as a travel writer.

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2 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    wow. that’s beautiful. i’ve never seen blue blue water like that in real life. i’d like to.

  2. Muse Swings says:

    I was admiring the view until you mentioned the driving part. Had to grab hold of my keyboard with both hands and put on the brakes! Happy PFF!

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