Diver Feeds Porpoises Underwater

Hey, watch who you're callin' a dolphin, buddy

Porpoises and dolphins are technically two different species, though they have a common land-based ancestor.  Seafaring fishermen tend to use the word “porpoise” to describe porpoises as well as any small dolphin.  This is a “Color King Natural Color” card, published by the W. M. Cline Company of Chattanooga.

Have you seen the “Dolphin Bubbles” phenomenon?  I first saw it online a couple of months ago and can’t get enough of it:

Nobody seems to be sure exactly how they learned to do it but, apparently, they’ve been teaching each other how to do it for quite some time. I also understand that it’s primarily the females who engage in this behavior, because the males are apparently too busy telling each other fish stories, bragging to each other about the one that got away. (OK, no, not really, but the males seem more concerned with social interaction than with self-amusement.)

My family and I have swam with the dolphins on a couple of occasions and, while one is immediately impressed with how intelligent they are, I am under the impression that nobody has seen this behavior in the wild before. I guess great minds require cool toys.

You can see some very cool still photos of the dolphins at play (and hopefully more videos to be posted soon) over at the Dolphin Bubbles website. I can’t wait to show the grandbabies!


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4 Responses

  1. I love your juxtaposition of postcard and video. I must bring my students to visit Monday morning!
    Hope you drop my site today – I`m showing a fishing postcard so we have something in common!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. amy says:

    Thanks for coming by today. I love the dolphins. I have always wanted to swim with them.

  3. dmarks says:

    I used to have an interesting photo postcards of a university, but it didn’t say what the university was. I finally got my latest Friday Fish Postcard Fry entry up on my blog.

  4. Postcardy says:

    I loved the dolphin video.

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