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Ooh, your helmet is so big

I received this vintage ’60s card today from Sean, who sent it to me after he found out I was looking for work (and, if you’re reading this, feel free to hire me) as a “feel-better” card.  In truth, it does make me feel kinda tingly.  Neither of us could find much online about her except for a few vintage postcards and calendars for sale, all of which appear to feature photos from the same shoot.  My guess is that she was an up-and-coming actress posing for publicity photos, and that she turned out to be not-so-up-and-coming.

Sean writes: “I found her at a great postcard shop here in Madrid that has tens of thousands of vintage cards plus lots of other collectables. I’ll be blogging about it… when I find the time. Which reminds me, you need to blog more often!”  Well, now that I’m only spending 40 hours a week looking for a job instead of 50-60 hours a week doing one, I’m back in the blogging habit.  Not only is it fun, but it keeps my collection organized!

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  1. Eddy says:

    Je vois que tu parles très bien le Français.
    Donc je vais commenter ton post dans la langue de Molière:
    Aujourd’hui, en France, la “une” (the front page) de tous les journaux etaient les 50 ans de la poupée Barbie. Une autre égerie sur le retour (up and coming).

    Editor’s Translation: I see that you speak very good French. So I’ll post your comment in the language of Moliere: Today, in France, on the front page of all the newspapers was “50 Years of the Barbie Doll.” Another up-and-coming muse.

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