Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, Florida

Nice shoes, Frankenheimer

“‘Sunken Gardens’, famed beauty spot of formal gardens and rare tropical plants, attracts thousands of visitors each year.”  This is a card that my Aunt Brenda received from her friend Selma, who “had a nice vacation.”  Interestingly, Selma didn’t mail this card until she was halfway back home, sending it from Charleston, SC on 15 February 1983.  The card itself has got to be twenty years older than that, given the two-digit postal code in the publisher’s mark; it’s a “Plastichrome” by Colourpicture Publishers of Boston 15, Mass.

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3 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    I have never heard of the Sunken Gardens.. and I thought I was a Florida landmark expert!

  2. Postcardy says:

    This is the kind of chrome postcard I like to collect: roadside attraction, sign, & “photo opportunity”

  3. Eddy says:

    Cette carte reflète totalement les années 1960′.
    J’y vois mon père et son appareil photo, ma mère posant, moi et mon frère: sauf que nous étions en blue jeans et non en robe !!
    Si on écoute bien cette carte on y entend les “Beach Boys” ou “Dion & the Belmonts” ou encore “Elvis”.
    Un vieux souvenir, cette époque, lheureusement les cartes postales sont là…

    Editor’s Translation: This card totally reflects the 1960s. I see my father and his camera, asking my mother, me and my brother, except that we were in blue jeans and not dresses! If you listen to this card you can hear the “Beach Boys” or “Dion & the Belmonts” or “Elvis” again. A distant memory, now, fortunately there are postcards…

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