Hunting Bear in Alaska

Sure hope his gun's big enough

Two days ago, I posted some cards featuring the Jefferson Memorial, and a new Jefferson Memorial postcard arrived in the mail later that day.

Yesterday, I posted an advertising card for women’s clothing from the former Eastern Bloc, and a new advertising postcard for women’s clothing arrived from the former Eastern Bloc later that day.

Today I am posting this card from Kris.

I am too terrified to walk out to the mailbox.

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7 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    I usually try to avoid writing the abbreviation LOL. But…. it fits perfectly in this case!

  2. Eddy says:

    Il n’a pas froid ton chasseur ? Surtout lorsque l’on connait la temp√©rature en Alaska.
    Bon courrage √† lui si il se trouve devant un Ours…

    Editor’s Translation: Isn’t your hunter cold? Especially considering the temperature in Alaska. Courage to him if he finds himself facing a bear…

  3. Postcardy says:

    this card reminds me of a painting that I saw at the art museum today .It looked like a gory human body hanging, but when I read the caption it was actually supposed to be a dead animal (I can’t remember what kind).

  4. dmarks says:

    This card is much more in line with “Nothern Exposure” than “Sarah Palin’s Hunting Adventures”.

  5. Looks more like a southern exposure to me.

  6. mike says:

    i loved this post card when i went on an alaska cruise several years ago. guy’s ass isn’t half bad.

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