San Diego Mission Palm

San Diego Mission Palm, Serra Monument in Background

“The lone San Diego Mission Palm is the one remaining of the original four planted in 1769. Two were sent to Chicago to the Worlds Fair in 1892 and the third was blown down in 1913 while the fourth is pining for its mates and is losing strength rapidly.” This description comes from the back of this Curt Teich “C. T. Photochrom”, number A-48679, published in 1914. I am not able to find mention of this mission palm in any contemporary accounts, and am forced to assume that it no longer exists.

This card is one among a group of six cards purchased at Ramona’s Marriage Place, a tourist attraction, that I found in a shop as part of a lot of several California cards. Each of them has a “From Ramona’s Marriage Place” rubber stamp on the back, and were probably purchased at the same time by the same tourist. None of the six cards appears to be any newer than around 1915 at the very latest.

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3 Responses

  1. Eddy says:

    Un palmier en Californie, ça me rappelle encore un film…
    Sauf qu’il y en avait 4 et qu’ils formaient un énorme “W”…
    It’s a Mad Mad Mad World !

    (as-tu reçu les cartes que je t’ai envoyées ?)

  2. Eddy says:

    Very well for my French Poscards.
    D’autres arriveront les semaines suivantes, sur d’autres thèmes.

  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment on my PFF at Genealogy Traces for the Red Rooster Drive-In.

    I have posted a link to your San Diego Mission Palm card on another of my blogs, Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges. I had to do it the old fashioned way by “cut and paste”. I’ll learn all of these new things eventually! I tried to share it with your application “Share This” but couldn’t get it to accept my blog sign-in. But I loved the card, especially the Mission and Cross in the background.

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