Diving at Silver Springs, Florida

I didn't think people could bend like that

StampboxThe fish seem wide-eyed and surprised at this young lady’s sudden appearance. “An underwater scene in the crystal depths of world-famous Silver Springs. Here the water is so clear that one can see easily to the bottom bowl and underwater pictures can be made successfully. More than 43 varieties of fish, turtles and shell fish may be seen through glass-bottom boats in this underwater fairyland of nature.”

This is a Colourpicture Publication, distributed by the Asheville Post Card Company. It was apparently manufactured shortly after the very first postcard postage rate increase (with the words “one cent” unceremoniously removed from the stampbox); that was on 1 January 1952.

Update: Thanks to Postcardy for reminding me that this month’s Postcard Scavenger Hunt is fish!  Check out other fish postcards posted by her and by others — sometimes touristy, sometimes funny, always interesting.

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4 Responses

  1. Postcardy says:

    Florida had so many interesting linen cards. I like to look through Florida cards for good linens even though I am not really interested in Florida and have never been there.

    I was going to add this to my “Fish” Postcard Scavenger Hunt if you haven’t already done so, but Mr. Linky seems to be taking a break now.

  2. Great postcard! Thank you for sharing it… very cute!

  3. debby says:

    This is such a fun card, my hubby would get a chuckle out of this one.

  4. Terry says:

    This is a fabulous card . So many little details. Love the colors.
    When I was a little girl I saw an Esther Williams movie and that was it !
    If I could not be a trick rodeo rider than I wanted to be Like Esther Williams and do water ballet ,
    oh the dreams of childhood.
    There were a few other things I also thought about like a fireman,policeman,lady plumber,
    maybe a Decorator ,telephone operator,nurse,Indian chief ,pilot,shortstop,meter reader.
    I was never taught that girls could not do everything.
    Growing up girls worked just as hard on the farm as the boys did.
    WOW .
    Thank you for humoring my life story.
    Happy Memorial weekend to you .
    Great postcard.

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