Groeten uit Culemborg

Greetings from Culemborg

Esri's SignatureThis is a card that I received from Esri, a four-year-old girl from Culemborg in the Netherlands.  She goes to school and can sign her own name, as you can see.  She writes (with some help from Mom): “Do you know Dora the Explorer? I like her very much and I want to have shoes with high heels just like my mother.”

I sent Esri a card with some pretty pink flowers (her favorite color), and Number Two Grandson thought she was cute so he sent her a card featuring Bugs Bunny.

Esri might consider rethinking the part about the shoes; most women I know have a love/hate relationship with high heels.  But I do know Dora the Explorer, and I think both Dora and Esri are ‘dorable.

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2 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    How wonderful !
    Thank you for sharing this card from the adorable Esri.
    She sounds adorable.
    I just love to visit your blog .I really enjoy seeing all the great poscards that you share.
    Have a nice week.

  2. Kristin says:

    My cousin’s middle boy is 4, and he was so proud that he was able to sign his own name to his Mother’s Day cards. :)

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