Kunhar River, Kaghan Valley

A Classic Bend of River Kunhar (Photo by Aamir Rashid)

An Assortment of Pakistani Postage Stamps“The Kunhar River, swollen by the glacier melt, meanders its way through the entire Kaghan Valley to join the Jehlum River at Muzaffarabad. The swift and foaming river is the live line of Kaghan Valley. At some places it becomes a raging torrent especially in the the lower part of the valley, while in upper part where the valley broadens, the river becomes calm and serene. Kunhar is stocked with delicious brown and rainbow trout fish which is considered to be the best throughout the sub-continent.”

I was having a hard time getting a sense of scale from the photograph, until I realized that the small dots in the lower right seem to be large grazing animals standing next to vehicle tracks worn into the terrain.

This terrific oversized (about 5 in. x 6-3/4 in.) card comes from Cheema; check out his collections of both postcards and covers.  The stamps are pretty cool, too. I am always fascinated by triangular stamps; to my knowledge, the US Postal Service has only issued three three-sided stamps in its history.  Looks like postage from Pakistan to me was 32 Pakistan Rupees, equivalent to about US$0.40.  Postcard postage from the U.S. to Cheema increased recently to 98 cents, equivalent to about 79 PKR.  He’s getting a deal!

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3 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    That is truly stunning, isn’t it?

  2. Marie says:

    What a cool postcard! Thanks for sharing the history. I just luv’d learning the background you’ve shared with us!

  3. Kristin says:

    The postcard is beautiful – and I love that the postmark is really clear. Sometimes they are so smudged that it’s a disappointment.

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