Museum of Science and Industry

Letters? What about postcards?

I picked up this card at the Museum of Science and Industry, when I went to Chicago in 1988 to learn the intricacies of IBM’s Job Entry Subsystem 3.  (If you’re not an ancient alpha geek like myself, you won’t understand this reference; don’t worry about it.)  I sent the card off to Aunt Brenda, who at that time was the Keeper of the Cards.  I did not realize that I would get the card back as soon as I did; Brenda was only ten years older than me, but she died young.

Also of interest is the stamp I used; the “E” series stamp was the first-class letter stamp produced for the 1988 postal rate change, before the exact amount of the increase was known — hence the use of a letter rather than a number.  The stamp turned out to be worth 25 cents in postage.  It was an excess of postage for this card when I mailed it; today, it would not be worth enough.

Chicago made me tired.

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  1. Postcardy says:

    I went to that museum in 1986 or 1987. I probably would have bought that card if I had seen it. Too bad they didn’t include any information about the mailbox.

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