Overstreet Hardware Company

Now I know why people say I'm a tool

Example of a Karr range ovenI saw this on eBay about six years ago and couldn’t resist sending the owner a couple of bucks.  This is an envelope sent from the Overstreet Hardware Company of Lexington, Kentucky on 12 May 1942 to the Karr Range Company of Belleville, Illinois, and is proof that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I’m not able to find any mention anywhere of the Overstreet company, but the Karr Range Company made range ovens for years.  An example is pictured at right, and one that’s in good shape will fetch about $200-$400 today.  One wonders if the Overstreets were selling them bolts or something.  To my knowledge, this company is in no way related to my family, but I do have some roots in that part of the country.

Also of interest is the fact that this is a postal envelope (with the 3 cents postage embossed onto the envelope) along with a return address made by a printing press.  Did the postal service offer items like this back then?  Or was the return address printed after the fact by a third party?

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