Post Office, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Beef. It's in your mailbox.

This is one of four leather postcards that I picked up on a vacation to New England.  Like the others, this one is addressed to Miss Grace Hoare of Lowell, Massachusetts.  Of the four, this one is the most rigid, especially around the edges — though by comparison with postcards made from the card stock of today, it is not rigid at all.  It was probably manufactured and mailed in 1907.

Made by Hy-Sil. Mfg. Co. Boston

This card is the only one of the four that bears a mark from the manufacturer; it was made by the Hy-Sil Manufacturing Company of Boston, which was founded in 1903 by Eli Hyman and Morris Silverman and is still in business today.

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3 Responses

  1. Postcardy says:

    I liked reading the history of the Hy-Sil company.

  2. dmarks says:

    I remember running wild in that museum.

  3. Daphne Harris says:

    i have 18 of these leather post cards from this company un used and in great shape i know nothing about these or how much they are worth they are all different please send a web site or pictures or any information i can use thank you .

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