Seven Big Ocean Going Ships

Cargo wessels

“Loading cotton at the Port of Corpus Christi, for ports throughout the world. For many years cotton was the main export commodity; however, in recent years, petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals and agricultural products have become major export commodities. In 1949 the Corpus Christi Waterway ranked 9th in tonnage among U.S. ports.”

This card is a bit of conundrum.  The Curt Teich serial number (4A-H2018) is unequivocal proof that this card was manufactured in 1934.  However, the description makes reference to events of 1949.  Obviously, therefore, this is a reprint and, according to the manufacturer’s procedure, should have received a reprint serial number, but did not.  Somebody was being lazy.

As far as lazy goes, the coloring on this card isn’t up to the usual Curt Teich standards either.  This image started out as a black-and-white photo, and the colorist simply failed to color the ship names on the bows, preferring instead to leave a rectangular non-colorized shape around the names.  The masts of the ships in the foreground, and the entire ship in the background, remain in black-and-white as well.

Sure is hot in Texas!

This is a card from Great-Grandpa Phil’s collection, sent to him and the missus from Corpus Christi on 23 June 1953 from “The Moyers”: “Hi folks. We are having a swell time, but sure is hot in Texas.”  Hot?  In Texas?  In June?  Seriously?

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