Thousands of Egrets

Egrets: I've had a few but, then again, too few to mention

Egrets. I’ve had a few but, then again, too few to mention. “Thousands of egrets decorate this mangrove island in newly opened Everglades National Park, Florida.”  Everglades National Park was officially dedicated by President Truman on 6 December 1947; various proposals, committees, studies, land deals and political shenanigans in furtherance of (or sometimes in opposition to) this goal had been in the works since as early as 1923.

The postcard itself is postmarked 23 January 1953 at Naples, Florida and, much to my consternation, I was at first unable to translate the message.

Just Czeching In

Thanks to Al Gore and His Marvelous Internet, however, you’re never out of touch with someone who can easily translate between Czech and English.  It turns out that what Kris once referred to as the “classic American theme” of rubbing your presence in Florida in the face of those dealing with winter is, in fact, a universal one:

“Dear ones: Heartfelt greetings and a reminder of the sun here in hot Florida. Today is January 22 and it’s 90 degrees.  We are doing well and thinking of you in Michigan, where you are freezing. The Belohlaveks.”  This message is even funnier if you read it aloud with an Eastern European accent.

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2 Responses

  1. vicky says:

    I thought I have seen a lot of egrets here but you have shown me thousands in this postcard, Wow!

  2. I’ve never r-egret-ed a good pun – thanks for my daily chuckle!

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