Tiered Evening, March 1951

Tiered Evening Gown / Photo by Norman Parkinson

Postcard Friendship Friday (PFF)Kelly sent me this beautiful postcard of a photo by Norman Parkinson (1913-1990), a fashion and portrait photographer.  He opened his portrait studio in 1934 in London and was fortunate enough (and talented enough) to have clients such as Noel Coward and Vivien Leigh; his work was noticed.  He produced editorial photos for Harper’s Bazaar in the 1940’s, and did much fashion photography for the pages of Vogue throughout the 1950’s, then switched back to portraiture almost exclusively, capturing images of the rich and famous.

Even this fashion photo is more like a portrait. When I look at this photo, I see not the dress, but the model’s expression; I see the person.  This is not something you see in a catalog.  This is art.  Being an amateur portrait photographer myself, I’d give what’s left of my eyeteeth to be this good.

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9 Responses

  1. artery says:

    This is one of the best pastcards I’ve ever seen.

  2. Marie says:

    Will it help if I throw in a couple of my eyeteeth too for good measure… I agree wholeheartedly! This is breathtaking.. My first impression was that she was crying and not laughing. I guess there truly is a fine line between the two!

  3. Müge says:

    I agree with you … This is much more than a simple fashion photo …

  4. Daryl says:

    Love the dress … its timeless as is the postcard .. what a great collectors item!

  5. Terry says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind,what an amazing talent this man had.
    Such a glamorous pose .
    Simply lovely to look at.Thank you for sharing this one.
    I also enjoyed all the great background on this incredible artist.
    I do hope you find your own share of his ability in your own way.
    I’ll gladly oraganize an eyeteeth gala for you :)
    Happy Weekend .

  6. Judy says:

    That is a lovely postcard with a lovely lady….I first noticed the expression on her face then the dress.

  7. artery says:

    very beautiful postcard. you can choose postcards on my swap post. I will check it then if it’s still available on my collection. Maybe I can find you something wild postcards too.

  8. Lovely!
    I think she’s having one of her private moments, thinking happy thoughts… the kind of effect that Mona Lisa’s smile have on us :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. I’m fashionably late, but I wanted to add it’s a beautiful card. Interesting read about Mr. Parkinson too.

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