Wrangell, Alaska

A nice place to visit

The colorist for this Curt Teich card (number 7A-H115, published in 1937 for the C. F. Johnston Company of Seattle) apparently felt that the town of Wrangell deserved to be portrayed as vividly as possible.  And from what I can tell, the Wrangell of today, though a bit larger, is just as vivid.  Wrangell is steeped in Tlinget culture, and is home to incredible nature observatories where one can watch the salmon-fishing bears from behind a photo blind.  They are also home to large concentrations of bald eagles during the spring and fall.

Wrangell’s main industry seems to be tourism; they boast no less than a dozen bed and breakfast inns.  Interestingly, the town is not accessible by road; one must travel by sea or air to get there.

This postcard is a gift from Donna, who claims that her postcards multiply overnight and is therefore trying to downsize.  Many thanks!

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  1. Marie says:

    Bald eagles! SOunds like quite a heavenly place to visit!

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