Family Day, Sea Isle City

Gone down the shore

“Bright sunshine, blue sky, rolling surf, and beautiful sand make Sea Isle City Beaches popular for families.”  That was the case for the family of my childhood friend, Mike Smith, who had moved from New Jersey to Wallingford, Connecticut, oh, must have been around 1979.  We kept in touch for a few years (and I can still recite what was then his address, including the ZIP code) but, being young, eventually concentrated our attentions solely on the friends in our immediate spheres.

"Not in Connecticut, Mike Smith"

Unfortunately, Mike’s family has apparently moved from the address they had back in 1982 and, of course, googling “Mike Smith” is an exercise in futility.  Mike, if you’re out there, stop by and say hi.

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2 Responses

  1. dmarks says:

    Actor Philip Paley keeps having his name spelled differently from how it actually is. Including in the credits for his most famous TV show. Or is it Phillip? I forget myself.

  2. Hello Chris!
    Your collection is amazing and this one is a perfect “vintage postcard”.
    I loved the colours and the flowers design and I guess it is very cool that you are keeping your grandfather’s dream about postcard collection.Congratulations!
    God bless you

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